May 6, 2017
7 days left
until the event.

Students, parents, and other members of the Sterling West - Gothenburg Campus Community will be participating in a Walk - A - Thon to raise needed funds on May 6, 2017.  

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Back Row (L-R): Mr. Block, Mrs. Libal, Caleb MacPherson, Jaelyn Franzen, Teral Franzen, Nicole MacPherson, Nigel Hughes, Mrs. Chestnutt, Mrs. Kloepping

Middle Row (L-R): Blake Rochat, Alexis Rowden, Ashley Sitorius, Brooke Rochat, Emily Sitorius, Natalie Sitorius, Lakin Block

Front Row (L-R): Enrique Block, Kayleigh Sitorius, Jenna Sitorius, Blake Rowden
School Students - 2017
Front Row (L-R):  Blake Rowden, Enrique Block, Lakin Block, KayLeigh Sitorius, Blake Rochat, Natalie Sitorius, Lexi Rowden, Jenna Sitorius

Back Row (L-R):  Caleb MacPherson, Nigel Hughes, Brooke Rochat,  Ashley Sitorius, Emily Sitorius, Teral Franzen, Jaelyn Franzen
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